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2020 Goal Check-in: What if There is No Way I Can Make It?

The halfway point of the year is the perfect time to check in on your 2020 goals. Reflecting on our progress and what we still have to achieve is how we grow. But there are times when you must be realistic and realize that there is simply no way you’ll reach a certain goal. If there’s absolutely no way you can make it, what do you do next?  

Here are a few recommendations if you can’t make one or more of your 2020 goals:  

Break Goals Into Smaller Chunks 

Consider the goal in question and see if you might be able to break it into smaller goals. For instance, if your 2020 goal was to learn a new coding language but you know you won’t achieve that, try to make a smaller goal related to it: learning the most basic functions of that language, for instance. In this fashion, you can still achieve something related to your larger goal even if you can’t achieve the whole thing.  

Praise Your Progress 

Take some time to think back on the progress you’ve made toward your goal. Reflecting only on the fact that you won’t be able to reach your full objective won’t really do you much good — there’s no sense in feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, think about the progress you did make toward your goal and what benefits that progress has given you.  

Adjust Goals as Needed 

Often, you can make adjustments to your goal in order to make it possible to reach it. You might break the goal into smaller chunks as discussed above, or you might change course a bit. If your goal was to make more money in 2020, for example, but you know you won’t be getting a raise, you can focus on learning a new skill. Make that skill one that is valuable to your employer, and you’ll make more next year.  

Focus on the Lessons 

Sometimes, things get in the way of us achieving our goals — and remember, if we achieved every goal we ever set for ourselves, there would be nothing to work toward. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t achieve a certain goal. Focus on the lessons that you’ve learned from the experience and change things the next time around. Learning and growing is the entire point of setting goals in the first place! 

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