3 Brilliant Management Skills to End Quiet Quitting and Engage a Winning Team

Presented by Kim Zoller, Founder & CEO of ID360

High Profile’s Key Takeaways

Companies are dealing with higher-than-usual absenteeism, lower presenteeism when employees are not engaged, and even worse, silent quitting, which costs companies time and money. Studies have shown that implementing specific, measurable management skills can reduce silent quitting, motivate employees to do more, and find more purpose in their work. Our top takeaways from Kim’s presentation include:

  • Employee Engagement and management go hand in hand. It’s important to understand what motivates your employees to engage them. “The self-determination theory” suggests that all humans have three basic psychological needs—autonomy, competence, and relatedness—that dictate how they are motivated.
  • Managers often make the following mistakes when leading their team:
    • Establish goals with no accountability plan or follow up – reports need follow up and to be held accountable to goals or they’ll forget about them.
    • They don’t consider their reputation management – they do not consider how their team views them.
    • They don’t tie the purpose to the goals they set for their team – people need to know the why behind the goals/tasks they are given to buy in.
  • Self-Awareness is key in developing your leadership brand. If you do not create your brand it will be created for you. The key to your brand is consistency and reliability.
  • Leadership empathy is different than natural empathy, and it can be learned. There are “6 Human Needs” that help a person and their manager to understand how they communicate and the factors that are important to them. Once a manager understands which needs are most important to the person, they can better lead them.
  • Feedback from a manager is important, but it’s also important to “feed forward.” People need to feel invested in, and a great tool is the “GROW Model,” which outlines how to establish goals and the steps to take to ensure success for your team.

About Kim Zoller:

For the past 30 years, Kim and her company, ID360, have worked with over 300,000 participants by equipping leaders and businesses globally with the tools to increase engagement, retention, and personal and professional growth. Kim’s strength is her ability to be a true strategic partner by assessing needs, delivering sustainable solutions, and implementing measurable results. From ID360’s perceptiveness, data-focused, and outcome-driven approach, their clients can become better-developed leaders in all areas of their lives. Connect with Kim on LinkedIn today.

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