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3 Questions You Might Be Asked in Your Receptionist Interview

Receptionists are key in any business organization. Not only do they take care of so much behind the scenes — invoicing, communications, scheduling, and much more — they also serve as the face of the company, in many cases.  

Will you be interviewing for a receptionist position soon? Here are three common questions you’ll probably be asked, and how to answer them effectively. 

How Do You Think Receptionists Impact a Customer’s First Impression of an Organization?  

This is your interviewer’s way of making sure that you understand the full responsibility of the position you’re interviewing for. It’s also a good way for them to determine what your philosophy is when it comes to your job and the way you work.  

In your answer, acknowledge that the receptionist makes a huge impact on any visitor’s first impression. Then, explain how getting the wrong first impression can permanently scar a customer — that’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time, which is what you strive for every time.  

What Do You Do to Stay Organized?  

The interviewer may not be looking for specifics with this question as much as they’re trying to get an idea of how you keep yourself organized in general. They want to know that you’re self-disciplined, that you’re a great multi-tasker, and that you can manage your schedule on your own without a lot of outside help. When giving your answer, describe the way you keep track of all the tasks you have to do, and how you hold yourself to a standard of timeliness and accuracy. 

How Do You Keep Up in a Fast-Paced Environment?  

The interviewer also wants to know that you can handle yourself under pressure. Sometimes, things get busy at the front desk, or a customer or vendor might be frustrated or difficult. Make sure that your answer involves something about maintaining a calm, collected persona at all times, even if someone is getting upset. It can’t hurt to mention that you like to prioritize so that the most important tasks get completed first, and then you move on to the secondary items until you’ve finished everything.  

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