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4 Tips to Keep Employees Engaged All Summer

Many businesses experience a slowdown during the summer, particularly those whose products or services are geared toward seasonal (non-summer) months. Summer also involves vacations (both for employees and the senior executive team), which will contribute to a general sense that nothing needs to get done right away.

But a slow time doesn’t mean employees can slack off or that the business can survive a long period of non-productivity. Here are tips to help keep employees engaged and focused:

1. Competition and reward

This is a good time to introduce a little team competition. Design special projects that come with rewards for productivity and initiative, rewards like gift certificates, a reserved parking space, a pair of tickets to the latest blockbuster movie.

2. Stay in touch with the staff

Even when times are slow, it’s important to communicate with your employees. Issue regular announcements and host short company-wide meetings. Use this time to start introducing some long-range strategic objectives. Get a conversation going about where the company is headed during the next quarter and beyond.

3.  Keep things running smoothly

If computers and other equipment break down during the summer months and no one hurries to repair them, it sends a message that nothing is very urgent right now – if something doesn’t work, we’ll get around to fixing it later on. Employees will pick up on this and their own productivity will suffer. Ensure that people have properly functioning tools to stay on top of their work responsibilities.

4. Boost morale with “special events”

Employees who work hard even in slow times should be recognized for their diligence and good attitude. Recognize hard workers at staff meetings or with special email announcements. When a team delivers on a project, treat everyone to lunch or show your appreciation by hosting a fun off-site event. Even a simple thank-you note lets employees know you appreciate their efforts during a slow time in the workplace.

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