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5 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter as an Accountant

Will you be applying for your very first accounting position soon? One of the first steps is to get your resume and cover letter in order. And having a great cover letter makes all the difference — it’s quite literally the first impression a hiring manager or department head will have from you.

Here are five tips on writing a great cover letter for that accounting job:

Be as specific as possible.

As you know, “accounting” encompasses a wide range of different jobs, responsibilities, and specialties. There is financial accounting, tax accounting, auditing, forensic accounting… the list goes on. And even within those jobs, the day-to-day could look very different. Try to be as specific as possible in your cover letter to address the particular role you’re applying for.

Don’t restate your resume.

The cover letter is not the place to discuss your work history and education letter-by-letter. That’s what your resume is for. You can mention your experience, of course, but try to focus more on why that experience makes you a good candidate for the job. Discuss why you’re interested in the position and what interests you about the company as a whole.

Highlight your value to the company.

Hiring managers want to know what value you’ll bring to the company. If it’s your first accounting job, years of experience might not be the value you present. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any. A willingness to learn, a knack for numbers, ability to get along well with others… try highlighting these qualities if you don’t have loads of experience.

Mention relevant training, certification, associations, etc.

Even if you haven’t worked in the accounting field for years, you might have relevant training or certifications, or you might be part of professional associations. Even volunteer work is a good way to demonstrate your character. Don’t be shy about discussing these things in your cover letter. It’s those extra details that really make you stand out to the hiring manager.

Check and double-check.

Last but not least, don’t forget to double-check (and triple-check) your cover letter for grammar and spelling. There’s nothing that’ll get your application thrown in the trash faster than a sloppy cover letter!

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