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6 Skills Dallas Employers Are Looking for in Accounting & Finance Candidates

If you’re an accounting and finance professional looking for a job, you’re in luck. A significant number of companies are looking for the skills and experience you have.

With the increasing number of opportunities opening up, the accounting and finance industry is busier than ever. This means additional options to advance your career. Knowing which skills are most in-demand for accounting and finance can help you land the job you want.

The following are six top skills to emphasize in your job search.

1. Analytical Thinking

Emphasize your ability to interpret a situation and provide a thoughtful response. You need to solve technical and interpersonal problems to benefit an employer. This is especially important for data analysis, financial analysis, risk analysis, risk management, and strategic financial planning.

2. Business Intelligence

Point out your experience with software used for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business analytics. For instance, you may use Oracle and SAP to manage inventory, plan for future purchases, and allocate labor hours. Or, you might use Tableau to provide data-based insight to assist with decision-making. The more information you share, the more educated decisions you, your teammates, and your coworkers can make.

3. Financial Modeling

Share your experience with representing a real financial situation through abstract methods. Your ability to design a mathematical model that represents asset or portfolio performance during a specific period is important. This helps you estimate the valuation of a company or compare the valuations of multiple companies. Or, you can calculate the cost of a new project, decide on a budget, or test a certain scenario.

4. Cash Flow Management

Prioritize your ability to analyze, monitor, and optimize the cash receipts a company receives after deducting the cash expenses. Businesses need to track their cash flow in order to manage their finances and focus on growth. Proper cash flow management can help increase profits and provide sustainable business strategies.

5. Financial Reporting

Highlight your ability to disclose financial results and related information to upper management and stakeholders. This involves the creation of financial statements, balance sheets, and income sheets to show the company’s financial position. Your documentation provides a picture of the business’s financial health. This can uncover areas that need improvement and steps to do better.

6. Data Management

Share your ability to gather, store, manage, and maintain a company’s data. This helps businesses perform data analysis and use the findings to guide decisions. You can use the information to perform both financial analysis and predictive analysis. You also can help the company remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Looking for Your Next Accounting & Finance Job?

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