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Building Team Morale

All managers have asked themselves: Why is morale important? How can low employee morale impact my business?

The answer is simple – if you love something, be it a sport, an activity or a person, you get passionate about it. That passion translates into energy, which drives you to achieve success.

That’s morale.

The joy you get when you succeed at something you love is contagious. Soon, others start to act the way you do.

That’s team morale.

When employees love the work they do, they are more passionate about doing it. They work harder to accomplish goals because they see their success as tied to company success. Most importantly, they inspire others to feel passionate, too. That’s why building morale is a team effort. You want all of your employees to feel driven to succeed. Here are a few simple ways you can build the kind of high team morale that generates high results.

Balance work and play

Focus on group benefits that will not only make your workplace better, but will also make your staff’s lives better. Offer weekly lunchtime yoga sessions to help reduce the tension from sitting all day. Create social team projects. Some popular ideas include weight-loss challenges and charity fundraisers. Turning your breakroom into a place where people want to each lunch together helps, too. The key is to make it feel like they’re not eating at work. Make the furniture comfortable and the decor inviting. Don’t hesitate to pull in some technology, like video games, or group activities, like a Ping-Pong™ table.

Create a sense of community

A company that acts like its staff is easily replaceable will have to do just that. Everyone feels extra stress when the management ignores the needs of those on the ground. Build a sense of community by showing your employees that they are valuable assets to the company. Professional development is a great way to boost skills and improve morale. Team-building retreats and catered professional development sessions are great ways to bring your employees together with the hope of improving morale and productivity.

Recognize good work – individuals and departments

Employee recognition programs often focus on individual accomplishments. In addition, however, try to recognize team and department successes as well. Set departmental goals that everyone will have to work together to achieve. Make sure they’re realistic or morale will plummet because the challenge is too hard. However, when your staff feels like they have a common goal (especially one that they’ll be rewarded for accomplishing), their morale strengthens overall.

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