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How to Determine If a Candidate Will Be a Reliable Employee

No matter how incredible a candidate seems on paper, there is always a risk with a new hire. It’s difficult to make sure the candidate is qualified professionally, while personally being a good fit for your team, from a resume and an interview alone. However, there are certain answers and reactions that you can watch for to help put your mind at ease.

One of the most important qualities of an employee in any field is reliability. Employers need to feel confident that this candidate will meet or exceed expectations before making that final decision. Here are a few red flags to watch for if you need to spot a candidate that might not be all that he or she claims to be.

Avoids offering explanations for leaving past jobs

Always make sure to inquire as to why this candidate left his or her last few positions, and probe for specific details. If you start asking about work history, and their responses become vague, they may be sidestepping your questions. An unreliable employee may have been terminated for excessive tardiness or an inability to meet deadlines.

Talks more about their career goals

A candidate who seems more interested in how the position benefits them might be looking at this position only as a way up the ladder to other opportunities. If they are not looking at this job as a long-term fit, you may not be able to rely on them to put the company’s goals first. If you hire a candidate not serious about committing, it may not be long before they take days off to interview at other companies. In addition, an unreliable candidate will not be as invested in the job, thus rarely giving 100% to their job performance.

Finds teamwork challenging

Every employee views collaboration differently. Some workers feel more productive and satisfied working alone, while others want to be part of a workforce filled with team players.  A candidate who shies away from teamwork is one who may not enjoy being held accountable by their peers. This could mean the candidate is an introvert, or it could mean they are unreliable on a team.

Looking for specific responses can help you see the true qualities a candidate possesses. An unreliable employee will never make your company more efficient and productive; they will only set you back. That’s why many businesses choose to partner with High Profile Staffing. We can help you find talented, reliable candidates who are prescreened based on your needs. Contact us today and get the attention you need to solve your most challenging workplace issues.