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Strategies for Helping Employees Avoid Burnout

Do you have employees calling in sick when you know they really aren’t sick?  Do you notice employees taking longer lunch breaks than they normally do? Your first thought might be that these employees are looking for a new job, but don’t panic just yet!  These behaviors tend to be signs of employee burnout.  Other signs of employee burnout include lack of energy, headaches, or emotional exhaustion. Employee burnout happens at many organizations, so our team at High Profile has compiled several strategies for helping employees avoid burnout.

Employees should feel comfortable enough to openly communicate with their managers. Make sure managers are asking simple questions on a regular basis, such as, “How are you?” or “How’s your day going?” When employees answer that they are exhausted or feeling drained, that’s a key sign of employee burnout.

Offer assistance for professional development. Most employees want to move up within their company rather than staying in the same position forever. Your company should consider offering education and training to help employees grow within their position and to grow into a new position.

Consider flexible scheduling. Not all employees work their best during the standard 9-to-5 workday. If possible, offer flexible scheduling allowing employees to make their own hours. This gives employees a sense of empowerment over their workday. Plus, there may be employees who want to leave early due to family circumstances.  Flexible scheduling shows that you care about your employees by creating a positive work-life balance.

Provide resources that will help your employees succeed. Could your employees use certain software to help them do their jobs better? It’s important that employees have the right tools to succeed, so provide these resources when possible.

Employee burnout is just as bad for your organization as it is for your employees. It’s something that can negatively affect your bottom line, and nobody wants that. To keep your workers happy and productive, contact us today for more strategies.