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Takeaways From a Candidate With Job-Hopping History

If your company is hiring, you are likely to encounter a job hopper at some point. A job hopper is someone who has moved around a lot in the past, never staying in one position for too long. If past behavior is predictive of future performance, your company may be concerned about hiring a job hopper since you may be worried you’ll invest in lots of training and then see your employee depart.

While this is a valid concern, this does not mean you should always disregard anyone who has moved around a lot in their career. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Can the candidate explain the job-hopping history? Some candidates are hired under a misconception about what the work will involve. If the work turns out to be different than expected or promised, it may not make sense for the employee to stay because of a misguided sense of loyalty. An employee who knows it’s time to move on when he is not a good fit is someone with a clear idea of his career path. That person could be just as likely to stay at your organization for a long time if you can provide the opportunities he is looking for.
  • Is the job hopping a pattern? If an employee has a history of staying at organizations only for a few months and has no longer-term commitments on his resume, this is a red flag. This could suggest that the employee cannot commit, since he likely would have found some job he was a good fit for. If the employee has changed jobs here and there but also has a history of multiyear work in the past, the candidate may be someone you should remain open to.

Finding qualified candidates can be a challenge, and you need to look carefully at job hoppers to see if they are the right fit. The good news is High Profile can help companies in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas to find qualified candidates who may become long-term employees at your organization. To find out more, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.