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Writing a Resume to Highlight Contract Experience

Contract work can be a great way to build experience and advance in your field. But, to make the most of the contract work you’ve done, you need to be prepared to show off your skills and experience in an effective way when writing a resume.

Crafting the perfect resume that highlights contract work can be complicated, but these tips can help:

  • Consider a skills-based resume. Listing an endless stream of contracting jobs on your resume may not be the best way to showcase all you’ve learned in your work as a contractor. Instead of a chronological resume, you may want a resume organized around skills. Each talent or ability you have would be the header, just like job titles normally are on a chronological resume. You could then provide details underneath the listed skill explaining when and how you exhibited this talent at contracting jobs.
  • Provide specifics on what you’ve learned. It’s important to show you had real responsibilities and developed industry expertise at the contracting jobs that you have had in the past. To do that, be sure you have specific examples of things you’ve accomplished and recognition that you’ve received. Instead of just writing you know how to do something, show off a project on which you actually did by describing what you accomplished.
  • Demonstrate how past jobs will make you an asset to the organization. It is always important to customize your resume to a position you are applying for, and this is especially true when you have done a lot of contract work in your past. You don’t just want to list every job you’ve had, but instead want to ensure you are using your resume to highlight how your past contracting experience has made you uniquely prepared to fill the open position and add value to the organization that you’re hoping will hire you.

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