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Are Your Job Postings Social Media-Friendly?

As you know, social media has completely changed the game when it comes to recruiting and hiring. Social media used to be designed for purely recreational use — now, it’s used for just about everything, hiring included. Of course, there’s an entire social media platform built just for the job market: LinkedIn. So, it stands to reason that your job postings should be appearing on social media sites, and they must be social media-friendly. Here’s how to do that:

Make Them Sharable

The entire point of social media is that content can be shared. That’s how things “go viral” — friends share amongst friends, and the content spreads outward from there. While your job postings aren’t likely to reach the hundreds of thousands of users that viral content can, they can certainly be shared amongst coworkers or friends to reach as many potential candidates as possible. So make sure your job postings are sharable on the social media platforms that you use!

Make Them Concise

No one wants to read an entire column or multiple-page description when they’re using a social media outlet. Concise, to-the-point content thrives on social media, so that’s how you should set up your job postings. At the very least, create a pared-down version of the job posting that’s useful for sharing on social media, and link to the full description in that post. That way, the candidate can click the link if they’re interested in learning more.

Make Them Attention-Grabbing

So much social media content enters our eyes and ears daily that it’s hard to discern one thing from another. That’s why your social media job postings must stand out from the crowd — otherwise, they’ll just get lost in the steady stream of content. Make your job posts on social media attention-grabbing with bold layouts and catchy words and phrasing. You’ll get more clicks and more engagement that way.

Make Them Free

Another big advantage of using social media for hiring is that candidates can see your content for free. They don’t have to pay a subscription fee, the way they might when signing up for a major job board site. By posting your job openings on social media for free, you’re reaching as many candidates as you possibly can.

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