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Is Your Small Business Struggling to Hire? Check Out the Four Common Mistakes You May Be Making

If you’re struggling to hire in the current post-pandemic market, you are not alone! In…

Are You Keeping Up With Changing Accounting Standards?

Some people think that the world of accounting is static, unchanging, fixed. This isn’t true.…

Career Growth: Moving Up from Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant

Are you an administrative assistant interested in moving up the ladder to become an executive…

Cybersecurity Guidelines All Your Remote Employees Should Follow

It’s safe to assume that remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The COVID-19 pandemic…

Get Rid of the Skeletons on Your Resume Using These 3 Tips

When was the last time you looked at the information on your resume? How much…

Fall Into a New Opportunity: How High Profile Staffing Can Find a Role That Suits You

Struggling with your job search? Tired of spending hours crafting the perfect cover letter, tailoring…

What to Do With Candidates Who Don’t Have Enough Experience

It’s a frustrating roadblock for a hiring manager: A candidate almost fits the bill perfectly,…

How to Foster a Professional Remote Work Culture

The pandemic certainly made remote work more common across many industries. If yours is one…

Direct Placement vs. Contract-to-Hire: What is Best for My Career in the Long Run?

It might seem like all jobs are essentially the same in terms of employment structure.…

Calling All Job Seekers: Facebook Can Be Used Professionally

Facebook isn’t just for social use! In fact, when used properly, Facebook can be beneficial…


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