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Boost Your Job Search with LinkedIn’s “Apply” Button

In June, LinkedIn launched a new plug-in feature for employers to put on their websites, enabling job candidates to apply for positions using their LinkedIn profiles as resumes.  The new plug-in, called “Apply With LinkedIn”, also bundles candidate information in a way that simplifies the sorting process for employers seeking to hire. 

Here’s how the feature works for job-seekers:

Look for the “Apply With LinkedIn” button alongside a job description on a company’s job-page. Click on the button and a pop-up box appears, prompting you to sign into LinkedIn. You then have the option to edit and submit appropriate parts of your LinkedIn profile for the open position.

Once you’ve done this (and answered any additional questions), click the “Submit Application” button. An application screen appears where you can also find professional connections in your network who work at the company. Send a note to a person at that company or request a referral. And, if you don’t know anyone at the company, LinkedIn will show you people who can introduce you to someone there.

Two advantages are immediately apparent with this new feature:

1. The better your LinkedIn profile, the better you look. If you want to apply for open positions using this feature, you now have an additional incentive to make sure you’ve fully completed and updated your LinkedIn profile right now.

2. Time saved! When you can use your LinkedIn profile to apply for job openings on the web, think of all the time saved by not having to fill out long-form applications every time.

More information on the new “Apply with LinkedIn” feature is available on LinkedIn.  Learn more about what makes you stand out as a job candidate at High Profile’s “Tips for Success”.