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Build a Great Company Culture and Candidates Will Come

In survey after survey, job-seekers note “company culture” as a key factor in their job-selection process. Compensation is important, of course, but these days employees place a high premium on being part of a company culture that’s flexible, appreciative and open-minded. So how do you go about building a company culture that attracts great candidates? 

Foster an atmosphere of give-and-take. The most creative job-seekers want to work in an environment where their ideas are welcomed and taken seriously. (This includes offering input in areas throughout the organization.) Sharing ideas and being able to speak freely rank high on candidate wish-lists.

Small is beautiful. Not everyone wants to work in a giant corporation. Opportunities within a small business are often more appealing to top candidates, as long as they feel that the work they’re hired to do is important and has a genuine purpose. For these individuals, what counts most are the types of customers they serve and the projects they undertake.

Offer flexible work arrangements. Any above-average job-seeker knows there are many ways to get work done – in the office and outside the office. The more flexible your work arrangements, the more attractive your business will be to job-seekers. When appropriate, offer applicants the opportunity to work from home once or twice a week and explore other ways to keep the work/life balance equation as flexible as possible.

Benefits count. How strong is your benefits plan, including compensation, health insurance, vacation and retirement? A company culture that emphasizes the value of competitive pay and benefits will always attract top talent. Put together the best package you can and stress its importance in your search for great candidates.

Little things count too! Everybody likes to eat, right? Some businesses provide a catered lunch once a week or twice-monthly. It’s a great occasion for employees to gather and enjoy each other’s company (and free food)! A company culture known for offering little perks like these also garners attention from talented job-seekers.

Get the word out. If your company culture incorporates some or all of the above, don’t be shy about letting job-seekers know. One place to start is through your job postings. Loosen up the language a bit, share a few facts about how your company operates and invite “creative, fun people” to apply. The tone of your advertisement will likely draw the type of individuals you’re looking for.

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