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Calling All Job Seekers: LinkedIn is Your Biggest Asset – Utilize It!

Social media is such a basic part of our everyday lives, but did you know it’s also useful professionally, too? LinkedIn is the social media platform created for professional networking – and it can be used to a job seeker’s advantage! Here are a few tips for utilizing your LinkedIn profile:

#1: Let your photos portray your brand – professionally! 

Your photos are potential employers’ “first impression” of you, and you want to make a good one! Choose a photo for your profile picture that exudes your poise and professionalism…this doesn’t have to be the standard headshot, but it should be a professional photo. This will give hiring managers and decision-makers an idea of who you are as a  professional. But profile pictures aren’t the only way to show off your brand and personality. Don’t forget about the cover photo! Where your profile picture showcases your professional side, let your cover photo shed light on your personality (professionally, of course!). The cover photo should be visually appealing, like the landscape of your favorite place or your favorite quote; or relating to your education or experience, like an image of your university’s mascot. Whatever you choose, it should showcase your brand!

#2: Say yes to keywords, and no to buzzwords!

Knowing your target audience of potential hiring managers, craft your profile the same way you would your resume! Research the positions you’re interested in or that you think will fit your skillset, and weave keywords from those job descriptions throughout your profile. Use them in your headline, summary, experience, and skills, but make sure those keywords accurately describe your experience and skills. Warning: Make sure that these keywords aren’t just strewn about your profile haphazardly. You want them to make sense! While keywords are, well, key to your profile, you want to avoid using the buzzwords you see all over social media. Buzzwords are typically overused adjectives used to catch readers’ attention, and while they can be useful in context, you want to make sure they add specificity to your profile.

#3: Customize your URL so employers can easily find you!

This last one is simple but effective. LinkedIn will provide you a URL upon creating your account, but you’ll want to make this your own! You want your customized URL to be memorable and easy to share. You can use all kinds of identifiers in your URL from your full name to your initials, and you can include numbers or key certifications! Obviously, you want to keep your URL short and sweet (and, again, professional) so avoid cutesy phrases or slang when creating your vanity URL.

To learn more about utilizing your LinkedIn profile, check out the recording and resources from one of our previous webinars, “Top Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile with Terry Sullivan.” Also, check out this great article from The Muse for these tips and more on using your LinkedIn profile to enhance your job search! Are you looking for your next opportunity in Administrative, HR, or Accounting? We can help! Contact High Profile today, and remember to visit our Job Portal to see available positions near you.