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Balancing Fun and Productivity in Your Workplace

For some employees, working a strict 9-5 schedule is stressful. Unfortunately, this feeling can not only impact the individual worker’s productivity, but everyone else’s as well. Believe it or not, work doesn’t have to be something we suffer through. While your budget may not mirror Google or Amazon’s, you can still afford to create a workplace that is just as much fun. To help you start, here are some easy ways to incorporate fun and excitement into your employees’ workdays.

Add personality to work spaces

A great way to bring more fun into your work environment is to allow your employees to add their own personality to the office. Allowing them to decorate their area will definitely improve morale. Plus, initiating decorating competitions can make the workday more exciting.

Makeover the breakroom

Give the breakroom an interactive overhaul, creating a place where employees can connect and unwind. One employer put a PlayStation in the lunchroom and found that his workers started coming in early so they could challenge each other. They were more energetic throughout the workday and worked harder and longer on projects as a team.

Start volunteer projects

Fun can come with a mission, especially for employees who enjoy work with meaning. Letting them team up to work on volunteer projects not only boosts fun, but creativity and innovation as well. In addition, they’ll create stronger bonds as a team. Relay for Life is a great example of a volunteer project that can be coordinated from work. There are also many other great opportunities out there.

Celebrate milestones

Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate, especially if it involves cake!  To make your employees’ day a little brighter, celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries and goals achieved. Start an employee recognition program that rewards your top talent with gift cards, extra vacation days or casual days.

You don’t have to become Google or Amazon to bring more fun into your workplace. Some managers are afraid of fun because they think it could be too distracting. But, think about it – would you be more productive in a place where you get to enjoy your day or a job that makes you keep your head down for eight hours?

If you want to boost morale and productivity, consider interjecting more fun into your workplace. For more tips, give High Profile Staffing a call. We have a talent pool filled with motivated, highly-qualified candidates ready to start work today.