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How to Determine If a New Hire Has Growth Potential

With the newest generation of workers, the millennials, there is a tendency to job hop instead of finding a life-long career at one company or business. This is quite different behavior than the baby boomers and generation X that have preceded their employment. This means that finding a long-term employee, one who sticks around for decades, is similar to finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The hunt for new hires with growth potential is competitive for many businesses. In order to keep the top performing workers in your employ, you have to take the time to build loyalty with those workers. However, before you do that, managers need to understand how to tell which ones are worth keeping around for the long haul.

How to Determine if a New Hire Has Growth Potential

  • Useful in other areas: The candidate excels at his or her job description, but also has additional strengths that can benefit different departments. The employee consistently shows an interest in more than just their job by reaching out to help boost sales, strategize marketing plans or mentor other employees. You witness this individual frequently demonstrating their critical-thinking skills, and ability to impact the company’s bottom line.
  • Flexible and reliable: Do you need someone to work a Saturday? This person always volunteers. Do you have an assignment that’s not really challenging, but also not really in a specific job description? This employee accepts the task gladly. In many ways, flexibility equals reliability. A new hire with this quality shows growth potential by always making the needs of the company a top priority.
  • Acts as part of the team: No matter what department the employee works in, they are an active part of the whole team. An employee with growth potential is one who joins in meetings, collaborates with co-workers and shows an interest in contributing to long-term projects. Their value is not just in what they can offer as an employee, but how they can support others in their jobs, too.
  • Positive and encouraging: A new hire who can motivate others will ultimately make your life that much easier. This employee comes in every day with a positive attitude. They are happy to be there and are satisfied with their work. Candidates with this kind of personality have growth potential due to their ability to help mitigate interpersonal office issues or encourage employees who may feel let down at work.

Growth potential is an important, yet often overlooked quality in a new hire. Employees who differentiate themselves from the rest of the workers are the ones that become indispensable and irreplaceable. If your company is in need of sustainable employees who want a life-long career, give High Profile Staffing a call. We have talent ready for contract and direct hire placements today!