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How to Discover Your True Hiring Needs

Many organizations hire for positions based exactly off of the previous open position when that’s not necessarily the best route. Instead of hiring to fill positions, find out what your organization really needs first. This post will help you streamline your process to bring in top talent, and show you how to discover your true hiring needs.

Start with a detailed job description. Most job descriptions list a candidate’s duties, but really they should be much more than that. A job description should be detailed and include the purpose of the role and how it fits into the organization.

While you’re crafting the job description, think of all of the ‘must haves’ for the potential employee. Sometimes organizations expect the “perfect” candidate, but end up disappointed because their unrealistic list of needs is unmet. Write a list of all the necessary and essentials skills because those are the must haves.

For candidates who meet all the must haves, but maybe don’t have the additional wish list, are you willing to train them? Sometimes training is the way to go, but other times it isn’t. You need to determine what is best for your organization.

Determine if the position you are hiring for is to fill a short-term or long-term need. Are you hiring because someone left? If that’s the case, usually you’re looking for a long-term employee. On the other hand, if this is a new position being created, decide if they would be working on a long-term project or if it’s something that can be done short-term.

Don’t forget about the employees who are already working for you. Sometimes the best candidate lies within the organization. If there is an employee in another role that may be a good fit, don’t be afraid to interview them.

Lastly, consider hiring a staffing partner to help you with your needs. Sometimes organizations don’t have the time it takes to conduct a proper, efficient candidate search.  A staffing partner can help bring top talent to you. For more information on discovering your true hiring needs, contact our experienced recruiting team at High Profile today.