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Six Things You Need to Know About Every Candidate You Interview

Interviewing candidates is a time-consuming task, so it’s important that you make the most of it. When you’re seeking a potential candidate for your workplace, you aren’t just looking for someone who meets the job requirements.  They also need to fit in with the company culture. The more information you gather from a candidate, the better! This post discusses six things you need to know about every candidate you interview.

The type of environment they thrive in:

Some people work really well as part of a team, while others prefer to work alone. Think about the position that’s available and determine what type of candidate would fit best. If you’re thinking about hiring a candidate whose work style differs from the current regime, you may want to think twice. The way someone works is just as important as what they’re working on.

Compensation details:

Not only should you ask the current candidate what their salary requirement is, you should find out what their current compensation structure is like. Do they have a bonus? What types of benefits are available to them? Find out all of this information from the start to make sure that everything is completely clear.

If the candidate is interviewing at other companies:

You should know who your competition is. If there’s a candidate that you really want, wouldn’t you want to know that they’ve had offers from other companies? It might make you be more competitive than you originally planned. You don’t want to lose a great potential employee because you took your time making an offer.

What the candidate is looking for in the new position:

This information may be hard to gather at first, but really dig to find out what the candidate is looking for. One way to gather this information is by asking a lot of open-ended questions throughout the interview process.

What the commute situation looks like:

For some people, a commute is tied to work-life balance. It’s a lot different to have to take a bus to work and walk a few blocks than it is to drive 10 minutes to the office. Ask potential candidates what their current commutes are like and what it would be like if they worked for your company. You can always use better commutes as a selling point.

What will it take for them to work for your company:

Say you find a candidate you can’t pass up, what will it take to close the deal? Find out what motivates your potential candidate and what it will take to get them to come to your organization.

These six tips are just the start when it comes to interviewing candidates. Contact one of our experienced recruiters today to make sure you’re making the most of your next interview.