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Evaluating Your Hiring Needs

Over the years at High Profile Staffing, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in both the companies we support and the industries they represent. However, we have also had clients come to us for solutions when growth has slowed. In times of growth and stagnation, hiring strategies must be examined for immediate need and future consideration. When evaluating your hiring needs, there are several practices that can help ensure that you create a strategy that boosts productivity, improves or sustains employee morale and doesn’t negatively impact your bottom line.

Workforce management is a big job and somebody has to do it. In order to be prepared for the next stages in your company’s life, you need to establish thorough hiring goals, and that starts by evaluating your current needs. Here are a few questions to help you and your team create a plan for your next round of hiring and future needs, without wasting time and money.

What are the current job expectations?

Sure, you and your managers have likely written out detailed job descriptions, but comparing those with performance reviews can help you understand the reality of the position. Look for expectations that boost productivity, as well as those that hold others back. Understanding the difference between expectations and outcomes can provide valuable details to help you map out solutions to your hiring needs. Maybe a few new direct hire employees are needed now, with a need for several contract-to-hire employees on the horizon for later.

What is the workforce culture?

You have expectations about job performance, and your employees have expectations about company culture. If you want to find employees who fit your hiring needs, you need to evaluate the qualities that make the workplace more productive and improve overall job satisfaction. One of the best ways to evaluate this aspect of your company is to survey your current employees. How do they perceive the office environment? Do they want more leaders or do they feel micromanaged? Do they feel comfortable with the office policies or do adjustments need to be made? Discuss the qualities and personality traits that your employees need to work in a harmonious environment.

Do you need a staffing partner?

You can’t always control labor and market shifts, so evaluating your needs now and in the future will help you create an ongoing staffing plan that emphasizes your business’s success. Remember, your company is only as successful as your employees. Choosing the right ones for the right time, whether now or in the future, can make or break your bottom line. Do you need some direction in planning for your future staffing needs? The experts at High Profile Staffing can help solve your workforce staffing challenges with innovative, strategic solutions. As one of the leading staffing providers in Texas, our access to high-quality talent is your ticket to success.