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Does Your New Hire Have Growth Potential?

Hiring isn’t always an easy process. You have an open position that needs to be filled and you interview a variety of candidates to fill that position. Then, once someone is finally selected, you tend to wonder if you made the right decision. Having growth potential is an important qualification for new candidates, but how do you know if they do? Our team at High Profile has designed this post to help you answer this tricky question: Does your new hire have growth potential?

When interviewing potential candidates, try asking these questions and look for answers similar to those below:

How do you adapt to new situations? A new career is a new situation, so asking this question will gain some insight into how the candidate will handle the change. Look for someone who mentions growing within the company and willing to take on multiple projects. This is a person who thrives with change, which tends to be a good thing.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Chances are the candidate has rehearsed an answer to this common interview question, but you should be able to tell whether their answer is authentic or not. Look for a candidate who mentions goals for the future, and someone who specifically mentions your organization. After all, you are looking for someone with growth potential and, in order to grow, they need to be there longer than five years.

What are you interested in learning about? Listen for answers that mention things that aren’t work-related. Of course a candidate will say they want to learn about projects internally, but you should be looking for someone who is willing to learn new things outside of the office. Also, it’s a good question to ask in order to determine if their interests align with your organization or are completely opposite.

Most companies want to know whether or not their new hire has growth potential before they make a hiring decision. Finding the right new hire may be a challenge, and we are here to help. Our expert recruiters are able to help you do so, so contact us today to get started.