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Why Offering Job Flexibility is Important in Bringing in the Right Candidates

When you are hiring candidates to fill open positions at your organization, you are likely looking to hire the most talented people you can find. Unfortunately, your competitors are also doing the same. You and other companies in your industry may be competing for a small pool of industry leaders and top talent, so you need something to stand out from the crowd.

The good news is, you don’t have to compete on offering lavish salaries alone. In fact, many job seekers aren’t focused only on money. Instead, for lots of workers who are concerned about quality of life, flexibility is often the most important characteristic they seek out when looking for work. Offering flexibility can be a major enticement to potential employees and can boost your company’s success. Offering job flexibility is beneficial to your business because:

  • Your company becomes more attractive to job seekers: Many millennials site work/life balance as the most important criteria for choosing a career. Older workers, too, have increasingly come to appreciate having the ability to juggle work and family life- especially if they have both kids and aging parents to take care of. When you show you are committed to offering them the flexibility so they can build a career and live their lives, you are going to become a top employer who everyone wants to work for.
  • You inspire more loyalty among staff: When your staff values the flexible work schedule you offer, they will feel more appreciated. In addition, they won’t want to give up the perks and benefits that this flexibility provides. Your turnover is likely to be lower because people are more loyal to your company.
  • You can boost productivity among your employees: When your employees are not worried about juggling their outside lives, they can be much more productive when they are at work.

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