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How to Make an Impression as a Temporary Employee

If you are hired as a temporary employee, you want to make a great impression on your boss. Wowing your employer can help you get hired full time if the company is interested in bringing on new workers now or in the future. It can also ensure you are able to get a great reference from the company for any job that you pursue.

There are many ways you can try to stand out and make a strong positive impression when you’re working for a company on a temporary basis. A few key tips to be an impressive temp worker include the following:

  • Act like a team player. It’s easy to feel like an outsider if you’re a temp worker, but you want your boss and co-workers to start to see you as a part of the team. If everyone is working hard to meet a deadline, ask what you can do to help make their lives easier. If people are pitching in to get something done around the office, offer your assistance even if it’s not part of your job description. Talk to your co-workers and get to know them, even if you don’t feel like you’ll be there long. If you don’t view the experience as something you’re doing temporarily until a full-time job comes along, your boss is more likely to treat you as a full-time worker … and may take action to make that happen. 
  • Ask questions. Learn as much as you can about the company and how you can help it to succeed. This means asking questions to learn how you can be a better temp worker. The more you learn, and the more you tailor your performance to what the company is looking for, the greater your chances of being hired.
  • Offer to do more than you’re asked. It’s tempting to do the minimum to collect a paycheck if you aren’t a full-time employee invested in the company’s success. Resist this temptation and go the extra mile. Show your employer you are a helpful, motivated staff member who would be an asset if offered a full-time job.
  • Give every task your all. Never turn in work that isn’t 100 percent your best effort.  Make sure to double-check that your work is error free and exceeds expectations.

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