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Remember What Questions to NOT Ask In an Interview

If you’ve ever been on an interview, it’s almost a given that employers will ask, “do you have any questions for us?” right before the interview comes to a close. You don’t want to be unprepared and not have any questions to ask, but you also don’t want to ask the wrong questions. As a job seeker, you should take the time to come up with a thoughtful list of questions for each interview. Our team at High Profile will help you narrow down your list by discussing what questions NOT to ask in an interview.

What does your company actually do?

This question is horrible to ask because you could – and should – have found this information on your own. Avoid asking anything you can find out with a simple online search. It shows the employer that you were too lazy to do research about the company before interviewing.

How much vacation time will I get? When does it start?

You don’t have the job yet, so don’t jump the gun on vacation time! When you ask for time off before even getting the position, it shows the employer that you aren’t that committed. Wait until at least the second interview before discussing benefits and time off.

What is the pay for this position?

This is not a question for a first interview – ever. If you are interested in what the position might pay, use salary comparison websites such as to get an idea. It’s best not to bring up salary until you are offered the position. If you’re concerned that it will be too late, don’t worry, you still have time to negotiate before you accept.

Can I work from home?

Asking this question gives employers the impression that you don’t like working with others, or that you’d prefer to not be supervised. If the position allows you to work from home, it would have stated so in the job description.

These are just some of many questions you should avoid while interviewing for jobs. For more information on how to successfully interview, contact one of our expert recruiters today.