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Crumble Under Pressure at Work? Use These Strategies to Change That

Are you sick of crumbling under pressure when things get tough at work? It’s not good for your performance, and it definitely doesn’t look good to your coworkers and supervisors. Here are five recommendations for working better under pressure and eliminating that stress.

Plan ahead.

So often, we become overwhelmed by on-the-job pressure because of sudden busy periods and crunch times. The more you can avoid these, the better off you’ll be. Part of that is planning — you likely have a good idea of when the busiest times of the day, week, month, or even year are. So, plan ahead to make things easier on yourself at those times.

Think of it as a challenge, not a threat.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by pressure because you perceive it as a threat. As if some doomsday scenario will happen at the end of the situation. That’s unlikely. Try framing pressure as a fun challenge to overcome, rather than an ultimatum. This can help open up your mind to additional possibilities for solving the challenge, like asking coworkers for assistance or parceling out your time in a more sensible fashion.

Break your tasks down.

Sometimes, getting numerous tasks piled on top of one another is the reason we crumble under pressure. The trick is breaking tasks down into more manageable chunks. You might also try prioritizing tasks by importance. Ask yourself what needs to be done right now and what might be able to wait until later.

Use the lessons from your past.

If you have a history of struggling under pressure at work, you have something to learn from. Think back and try to pinpoint the moment that you started feeling the pressure and when things started falling apart. Was it when your supervisor slapped an additional task on you that you weren’t expecting? Was it when that quarterly report came due at the last minute? If you know you’ve gotten tripped up in these scenarios before, you know what to watch out for in the present.

Take a mindfulness approach.

Do some research on mindfulness and apply it to your own professional work life. It’s a great way to stay grounded and focus on the present issue in front of you, rather than letting your mind spiral out of control about things you can’t change.

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