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Cybersecurity Guidelines All Your Remote Employees Should Follow

It’s safe to assume that remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The COVID-19 pandemic made remote work much more common than ever and has likely made it a permanent fixture for many companies and employees. And that means that cybersecurity is now everyone’s responsibility. So, what kind of security guidelines should your remote employees be following? 

Five Cybersecurity Tips For Your Company

Use the proper tools and tech. 

Do your employees have the proper tools at their disposal to remain security-compliant? Antivirus software, secure devices, password management systems, a VPN… tools like these secure your entire business and protect your data when every employee uses them and uses them correctly. If you haven’t rolled out the tools and technology to keep your business safe while employees work remotely, it’s time to change that.  

Be smart about personal device usage.  

The longer your employees work from home, the more likely they’ll slip up and use a personal device for work-related tasks. Unfortunately, this is a security risk because those devices may not be protected by passwords, antivirus software, and other tools. That’s why you’ll need to put a robust policy in place regarding the use of personal devices and make sure that all remote employees are aware of it. 

Require strong, frequently changed passwords.  

Weak passwords are a significant security risk to your organization, even when all employees work in-office. It’s an even more substantial threat when you factor in remote workers. Remind your remote workforce frequently that strong passwords are required and that they should change their passwords often. A password management system that stores passwords in a digitally encrypted platform is an excellent help with this.  

Utilize multi-factor authentication.  

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, means that your employees need to provide multiple types of information to verify their identities. It’s a fantastic way to help your company ensure its network security, especially if you have a large part of the workforce at home. 

Reach out to IT with any questions. 

Ensure that all remote employees have easy and convenient access to a robust IT department that they can reach out to with any security concerns or questions. At the end of the day, this department is responsible for the security and safety of your organization’s data security. Therefore, clear, regular communication between IT and remote employees is an essential part of network security.  

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