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Focus on Relationships in Your Career

In the business world, who you know is said to be almost as important as what you know. Most jobs are obtained through networking in most industries, and you will need to make sure you have the right connections if you want to advance in your career.

Whether you are looking for a new job or hoping to be promoted at your current place of work, focusing on relationships is vital to ensuring you are successful. Some key ways focusing on relationships can help to jumpstart your career include:

  • Mentorship relationships help you advance at work: Learning the inside information about a company’s culture and the path to success can be invaluable if you are interested in advancing. A mentor who has a career trajectory you’d like to emulate can provide you with guidance as you make decisions about your own professional life.
  • Relationships help make you an indispensable team player: You want to be the person in your company who everyone can count on to lend a hand and step up to the plate when work needs to be done. The more positive connections you have with co-workers, the more likely you are to be recognized for your work and included in projects that could capture the attention of the higher-ups and put you in line for a promotion.
  • Relationships help you to find out about jobs sooner: If you want to find out about new career opportunities, it helps to be tied in with the professionals in your industry. Many jobs are filled without ever being advertised because of personal recommendations. You can find out about these positions if you have a large network of industry professionals on your team.
  • A professional network helps you to get hired: Coming in with a personal recommendation can go a long way towards helping you land the job of your dreams. You should work on building a solid professional network throughout your career

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