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Is Your Company Growing Rapidly? Don’t Leave Anyone Behind!

Company growth is great, but it is important you don’t lose your character or core competencies as your business expands in size. Keeping skilled staff members who were there from the start can help ensure your company has a strong institutional memory and doesn’t lose what made it great.

Unfortunately, many of the most valuable members of your staff may be wary of the changes that come with expansion, so business growth can sometimes lead to turnover or can result in your best people being left behind. You don’t want this to happen to your organization, and following these tips can help make sure it doesn’t:

  • Invest in change agents: You should have designated managers or professionals at your company who are comfortable with change and can manage the process of helping your company to grow. These change agents should be entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring how staff members are responding to the change and ensuring everyone feels supported and valued even as the company grows.
  • Involve employees in the process: Employees don’t want to feel helpless about their futures or uncertain about their career direction. As your company grows, take the time to talk with current staff so they can offer suggestions and work with you to scale up their departments.
  • Provide clear explanations: When you expand and things need to change in your organization, you want every staff member to feel secure about their place in your growing enterprise. Work with staff so they understand their career trajectories and know how their jobs are changing and why.
  • Offer training: If you are changing the way you do processes or tasks, provide plenty of training to current staff members so they feel confident and competent in the way they complete their work.

High Profile can help you hire skilled staff members who will fit in with your company culture as your business grows. Our Dallas staffing agency has a long track record of helping successful companies in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas grow their teams without losing what made their companies great. To find out more about how our Dallas staffing service can help you, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online.