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Is Your Company Growing?

When you are building a company, growth is a good thing. You want to be profitable enough to hire new employees, create more jobs and expand operations. However, bringing on new people is not without peril as a bunch of new faces in the office could potentially upset existing relationships and protocols.

You cannot stop hiring if company growth is important to you, but you do need to recognize some of the challenges that can go along with bringing new people on board. Some of the key things to think about include:

  • Avoiding the risk of culture shock: Every company has its own unique internal culture. When new employees come on board, your company’s culture could come as a shock if it is different from what they are used to. You don’t want to just bring new employees on board and hope they can adapt. You want to create an organized transition process that helps new workers understand what is expected of them and how the culture works. There are several ways to do this, including pairing up seasoned employees with new workers and emphasizing the company’s core values during the onboarding process.
  • Making sure employees don’t get lost in the shuffle: When your company changes, you don’t want talented professionals to feel they are being pushed out or losing their place in the hierarchy. It is important to recognize the value every staff member — new and old — provides and make sure reorganizations and new hires lead to all staff members finding the right niche in your organization.
  • Helping employees —old and new— to embrace change: Change can be a challenge for workers, especially if they are worried about what change means for the company and for the future. To help employees cope with change and view change as a positive, provide explanations for new modifications and developments and try to involve employees in the process as much as possible. Provide an opportunity for questions, and help your employees visualize exactly what their new roles will be within the changed organization.

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