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Motivate Your Staff to Further Their Learning

When managing your staff, you want to ensure you’re taking smart steps toward motivating your employees. Obviously, you need your staff to be enthusiastic about getting their current jobs done to the best of their abilities. However, to be a truly effective manager, you want to do more. Encourage your workers to go the extra mile to further their learning.

If you can motivate employees to want to learn more and undergo additional training, you’ll end up with a more skilled and better trained workforce. So, how can you encourage your staff to keep expanding their knowledge?

  • Recognize employee efforts. When an employee takes the time to go to a training course or otherwise develop a new skill, recognize the effort that is being made. A little bit of public praise specific to their achievements can go a long way toward keeping that employee motivated, and toward encouraging others to follow their lead and look for opportunities to learn.
  • Ensure employees know the skills they should be developing. You want employees to learn skills that will be beneficial to your business. Encourage employees to honestly assess the areas of their job where they could benefit from improvement. You can also discuss what types of training could help workers advance.
  • Support the integration of new methods and new ideas into their workday. When employees learn new skills, give them the opportunity to make use of the training in their current job whenever possible. This helps them turn their training into improved performance, and it also allows your business to benefit from modernizing approaches to tackling tasks so you don’t fall into a rut.

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