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The True Reason Employees Struggle With Change

If your company is making changes, you’ll likely find resistance, fear and worry from staff members. Many people are uncomfortable with change in the workplace, and there’s a good reason for that.

Stability is highly valued by a number of people, especially when it comes to their livelihood. Unfortunately, this can make it hard for your organization to make the changes it needs to while still ensuring your top talent stays put. The good news is, there are techniques you can use to manage change while keeping your staff happy. Here are a few of them:

  • Keep your staff in the loop. Change becomes far more frightening if staff members don’t know what to expect or feel as if they are being left in the dark. Explain to your staff what is changing, why changes are happening and what the timeline will be for modification. By ensuring everyone knows what to expect, you can allay the fears of even the most worried members of your staff and make it a lot easier for everyone to embrace change.
  • Paint a picture of what life will be like after the change. Staff members value stability and certainty and change upends what they thought their role would be at work. Since people like to know what to expect, make sure your staff knows as much as possible about what life will be like once improvements are implemented. When people can picture what they’ll be doing, they won’t have to worry or be afraid about whether they can succeed in their new role.
  • Help employees to understand they’ll still have a role. One of the big reasons why people don’t like change and prefer stability at work is because they fear they will lose their livelihood if your organization makes modifications. If staff members will be staying on board, assure them their jobs aren’t going away just because changes are being made.

By managing change effectively, you can help employees who struggle with change to embrace the upgrades and improvements your organization is making. With everyone on board, change will go a lot easier and your staff – and your company – will be able to be more innovative while still thriving.

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