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Encouraging Failure Leads to Success

As an employer, you want your employees to succeed. However, a focus on success alone could curtail employees’ efforts to take risks and make it more difficult for your company to innovate. Success is born from failure, and many of the most successful people and companies have a long string of failures in their wake before they finally hit upon a big idea that changed their lives or even changed the world.

If your company wants to thrive and evolve in a fast-paced global economy, don’t just allow for failure –encourage it, so employees will be comfortable taking risks that could have big payoffs. Benefits to your company of encouraging failure include:

  • Prompting employees to take a chance on innovation: Employees who aren’t afraid to fail will be much more willing to propose out-of-the-box ideas and take chances on new processes and products.
  • Helping employees stretch their limits: Companies that want to get the most out of their human resources will make sure workers know it’s OK for them to fail so employees will take chances on new projects and stepping outside of their comfort zone. You want your employees to be willing to try things they’ve never tried before.
  • Enhancing employee motivation to learn: Learning new things and developing new skills inherently involves some initial failures at the beginning. Employees need to feel confident that if they jump into learning skills outside of their core job responsibilities, they will not be judged harshly if their early efforts don’t lead to success. Many of these employees could turn out to excel once they get the hang of their new endeavors, but they need to be given the time and opportunity to reach the right level of proficiency.
  • Boosting productivity: Employees who feel supported and are confident they can take chances on trying out new processes often find better and more productive ways to do their work.
  • Ensuring employees feel passionate about their work: Most employees appreciate the opportunity to develop their professional skills and to exercise their creativity by thinking outside the box.

Of course, for your company to succeed while embracing failure, you need talented staff members who will run with the authority to innovate that you give them. To make sure you have highly skilled employees for whom taking risks will pay off, reach out to High Profile today. We can help with all your human resource needs in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas, so give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.