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Hiring Trends for Fall 2014

Finding the right job can be challenging, but understanding employment industry trends may make things easier. Knowing the way companies operate might give you the knowledge you need to land the job interviews that interest you. With the fall season here, it’s important to understand what’s happening now and in the future. This post discusses top hiring trends for this fall.

The fourth quarter is one of the more complex times when it comes to finding a job. You may have already come across plenty of companies who are looking to hire only seasonal or part-time workers. With the holidays quickly approaching, employers want to make sure they are prepared and not short staffed.

On the other hand, there are some industries that slow down their hiring during the fourth quarter. These industries include financial services, business services, and professional services, as their high hiring period tends to be April through June. On the upside, hiring trends indicate sales and information technology are two areas where companies plan to hire. Other areas for projected growth include customer service, engineering, and marketing to name a few.

Many companies are now “building” their ideal employee rather than waiting for one to come along. Employers are now providing training for those who don’t have experience, which is great news for recent graduates. If you’re a recent grad, you know that it can be hard to find a job without having experience, but many employers are now willing to provide that experience. Employers are also willing to send employees back to school to get the desired education that will benefit their organization.

Another hiring trend on the rise is part-time hiring. Employers are looking for part-time employees to fill the workload gaps within their organization. Some employers even stated that the reason for the increase in desire for part-time employees is the Affordable Care Act.

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