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Are You Successfully Managing Millennials?

Millennials are making up an ever-greater percentage of the workplace, and companies need to find ways to work successfully with this generation of worker who have very different expectations when it comes to their careers.  If you are a manager with millennials on your team, it’s important you understand what makes them tick so you can find ways to manage them successfully.

Research has shown that as many as 41 percent of millennials intend to stay at their current jobs for two years or less, while just 29 percent of millennials report being engaged at work. Around a quarter of millennials say their main career goal is to make a positive impact on their organization, while more than half cite leadership opportunities as a key thing to look for at work. Millennials also expect employers to provide learning opportunities and believe having a job that matters and maintaining workplace relationships are key goals.

With this research in mind, some of the key things to consider if you want to manage millennials successfully include:

  • A need to provide leadership opportunities: Almost 60 percent of millennials indicate becoming a manager or leader is very important to them. Millennials are not afraid to move on to greener pastures if they are not provided with the opportunities they are looking for at their current job. This makes it vital to ensure there are pathways to advancement for the most talented young people on your team who you hope to keep employed at your organization.
  • The importance of professional development: Just 12 percent of millennials believe their current employer aids their career development, while 87 percent say professional development is very important to them. Your company can set itself apart by providing enhanced training opportunities so millennials know you are invested in their growth and providing ample opportunities for them to enhance their learning.
  • The benefits of fostering a sense of teamwork: Millennials, far more than people in other age groups, indicate they’d sacrifice promotions to avoid sacrificing friendships with colleagues. Relationships matter a lot to millennials, and you can help to reduce turnover and enhance productivity in the workplace by emphasizing the importance of teamwork in achieving career objectives.

Another key to being able to manage millennials successfully is to make sure you hire the right young people who will be a great fit for your team. High Profile can help you hire talented staff members of all ages in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas, so give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.