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Professional Communication Reminders

When you are involved in a job search, you need to ensure all of your communication with a potential employer is 100% professional. Whether you are calling a company about a job, doing a phone interview, sending an email or talking with a hiring manager in person, you want to make a favorable impression. Employers want to hire someone who will represent their company well, and they’ll be paying attention to how you communicate.

As you interact with potential hiring managers and possible employers, make sure you keep in mind the importance of professional communication at all times. To ensure you make a favorable impression in every interaction:

  • Avoid using slang terms. Whether you are speaking to a potential employer in person, sending something in writing, or talking to a hiring manager on the phone, use proper English at all times. Do not use slang terms or online abbreviations (like LOL). Spell out all words, with correct grammar and proper punctuation.
  • Proofread your written work. You want to avoid making any obvious mistakes that could make your communications look less professional. Mistakes in your resume, cover letter, or even your thank-you note could make a potential employer view your application less favorably. You may even want to consider having a friend or family member read over your communication to make sure there is nothing that you missed.
  • Keep every communication on professional terms. When you are having a great interview or following up with a thank-you note, it can sometimes be second nature to lapse into the more casual vernacular. However, remember that you’re still being evaluated – so maintain your professional demeanor at all times.

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