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Does Temporary Work Make Me Look Like a Job Hopper?

Being a job hopper can hurt your efforts to find a new career because companies do not like to hire someone who they think is going to leave shortly after being trained. Because of the negative connotations associated with job hopping, many people are concerned they could hurt their employment prospects if they move from job to job.

However, it’s important not to confuse temporary work with job hopping. Temp work does not have the negative connotations associated with being a job hopper because everyone understands going into the arrangement the work is only for a short duration. Far from hurting your efforts at finding work, taking a temp job can be a great thing because:

  • You’ll get your foot in the door and make connections: When you work temporary jobs, you meet a lot of people within your industry. Those people know you are there for temp work and are aware of your availability in case jobs open that would be well-suited to you. By doing temp work and meeting people in your industry, professionals in your field will be aware of your skills. This can lead to job recommendations and job opportunities. And, in some cases, the company you’re temping for will be so impressed they decide to hire you.
  • You can avoid periods of unemployment that could hurt your career prospects: While temp work doesn’t look bad on a resume, extended periods of unemployment can be damaging to your future career prospects. If you’re having a hard time finding full-time employment, it may be easier for you to find temp work. By taking temp jobs, you ensure you don’t have potentially damaging gaps on your resume and it keeps your skills fresh.
  • You’ll learn skills that are valuable to employers: When you take on a series of temp jobs, you can learn a lot of important workplace skills. Employers will appreciate these skills and the fact you can bring them into your new position.

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