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What Do You Bring to the Table That Is Unique?

When you’re looking for a job, you need to stand out from the crowd. This means showcasing the unique job skills that make you qualified for the job in a way that other candidates aren’t. High Profile can help you to get noticed by employers who are looking for people with your skill set, but the key to your success is to know your own strengths and to sell yourself.

To identify the traits most likely to get you hired:

  • Review the job ad carefully: Look for the skills an employer says they want in a candidate. Think back to your past work and educational experience to determine what skills you have that an employer is seeking. Try to identify quantifiable evidence of traits you have which would bring value to the company.
  • Consider your past successes: Look back on your career and professional accomplishments. What have you accomplished that you are most proud of? When have you garnered praise and accolades or won awards? It can sometimes be hard to identify your own best traits, but you have likely had your achievements recognized at some point in the past. Emphasize the skills that others have valued in you, as it is likely a new potential employer will also be looking for many of these same traits.
  • Don’t forget soft skills: Obviously, you need to let an employer know you have the hard skills they’re looking for, like technical knowledge in your industry and the ability to use any software or hardware programs you’ll be using to complete job tasks. However, employers also value soft skills – like communication skills and the ability to work well on a team. Showcase these skills as part of your resume, cover letter and elevator pitch so employers will know they’d be getting a well-rounded worker with versatile talents.
  • Think about how you can add value: Research the company and find out what their core competencies and goals are. Think about how your skill set, professional background and knowledge can add value to the organization and emphasize how your skills can help the company succeed. 

When you work with a trusted staffing agency like High Profile, staffing professionals can help you find an employer who is looking for someone with your skills and abilities. To find out more about how our staffing service can help you find jobs in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.