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Does Your Candidate Experience Need Improvement?

Your candidate experience involves the interactions that job seekers have with your company throughout the recruitment process. These interactions may be with your career site, job postings, the application process, interview process, team members, or other sources.

Each candidate experience impacts your company’s reputation. Many candidates share their experiences on Glassdoor, Indeed, or other employer review sites. Positive reviews can help your company attract and retain more employees. Negative reviews can discourage job seekers from wanting to work for you.

These are reasons why your candidate experience needs to meet or exceed expectations.

What Contributes to a Positive Candidate Experience?

A desirable candidate experience includes clear and effective communication throughout every step of the recruitment process. This transparency involves communicating your value proposition and setting realistic expectations for both the job and work environment. It also provides candidates with the necessary details and resources to make informed decisions.

This open communication means candidates are treated with respect during all stages of the interview process. The candidates are either smoothly transitioned out of the process or to the next stage. Your new hires are given everything they need to succeed in their role.

Be sure to ask for candidate feedback about each experience. Find out what each candidate liked best and specific steps to improve in other areas. Use your findings to continuously enhance your candidate experience.

What Are the Benefits of Providing a Positive Candidate Experience?

You attract more applicants. Having a 5-minute application process means more job seekers will complete the form. This is especially true if your career site is optimized for mobile devices, which most job seekers use to apply.

You compete better for top talent. Your industry’s most in-demand professionals quickly receive job offers. The faster you offer these candidates jobs, the greater the odds they’ll decide to work for you.

Your quality of hire improves. The more you provide what candidates are looking for throughout your recruitment process, the more motivated they are to accept your job offers. When your new hires begin work, they’re more inclined to perform their best each day.

Your brand awareness increases. Job seekers often share their experiences online. This increases awareness of your employer brand. The more positive your employer reviews, the more attractive your employer brand becomes.

What Steps Can You Take to Improve Your Candidate Experience?

Look for candidates in diverse places. This may include your applicant tracking system (ATS), professional network, employee referrals, LinkedIn, or online groups where your target candidates typically spend time. Also, participate in job- or industry-specific conferences and events. Or host meetups for the types of candidates you want to meet.

Get to know the individuals you interact with. As you build these relationships, keep in mind which types of jobs the professionals may be interested in. Talk with the individuals about the jobs that may fit their skills and interests. If there is a match, the individuals are more likely to want to work for your company because they know you.

Experiencing the human touch throughout your candidate experience is important. For instance, if you use text messaging to communicate with candidates, ensure the messages are thoughtful and relevant. Also, get to know your candidates during the interview process to show you value their time and talents. Additionally, ensure that managers and colleagues continuously engage with new hires throughout the onboarding process. The more support new hires receive, the more likely they are to remain with your organization long-term.

Want Help to Improve Your Candidate Experience?

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