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Does Your Dallas Company Need to Improve Employee Engagement? Here Are Some Tips!

Engagement measures how strongly connected employees are to their work and company. The higher employee engagement levels, the greater productivity rates, and lower turnover rates.

A Gallup analysis of the performance differences among business/work units showed clear benefits of employee engagement. This included an 81% difference in absenteeism, an 18% increase in productivity, and a 23% increase in profitability between the top and bottom-quartile business units and teams.

Highly engaged employees are passionate, energetic, and committed to the organization. They perform their best and go above and beyond to contribute.

The most effective employee engagement strategies are based on intrinsic motivation. Examples include autonomy, purpose, and mastery.

Sustainable methods to increase employee engagement focus on attaining short- and long-term goals. This helps positively impact your organization.

Choose among these strategies to elevate employee engagement throughout your Dallas company.

Live Company Culture

Encourage employees at all levels to behave in line with your company’s mission, vision, and values. This emphasizes your organization’s purpose. It also provides meaningful work that contributes to the bigger picture.

Promote employee buy-in for your organization’s long-term vision and core values. This motivates them to stay inspired and engaged and perform at a high level.

Prioritize Onboarding

Connect new hires with your company culture while onboarding. This sets the tone for how new hires view the organization and their role. It also helps them see how they fit with the bigger picture.

Show new hires how your company culture is unique. Include expectations for the role and interactions with others inside and outside the organization. This promotes engagement, productivity, and retention.

Emphasize Training

Provide employees opportunities to develop the skills needed for advancement. Defining career paths within your organization encourages employees to remain long-term.

Promoting career development helps employees feel valued, supported, and respected. It shows employees’ motivations, skills, and interests matter to the organization.

Encourage managers to provide stretch assignments, cross-training, and other opportunities to help employees attain their career goals. This promotes engagement, productivity, and retention.

Recognize Employees

Emphasize the importance of managers acknowledging employee accomplishments. This shows appreciation for employees’ contributions and results. It also provides motivation to remain engaged, enjoy the work, and perform at top levels.

Managers should celebrate employees’ innovative ideas, finished projects, and important milestones. This includes giving specific credit to the employee or team involved. Include the steps taken, results received, and impact on the organization.

Ensure the recognition is given in the manner the employee prefers. This may be publicly or privately, verbally or in writing. Include a bonus, raise, or promotion if appropriate.

Want Help to Improve Employee Engagement?

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