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Don’t Let Your Company Culture Slip – Use These Tips to Help

Many companies have transitioned their workforces toward a remote structure, either in full or in part, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the challenges that this presents is maintaining a good company culture — it’s tough enough to do when everyone is in-office. It’s only that much harder when everyone is working remotely.  

Here are a few tips on maintaining that all-important company culture while everyone works virtually:  

Communicate often. 

Even if it’s a simple daily check-in at the beginning of the day or a quick wrap-up at the end, communicating with your team frequently is very important. Company culture starts to slip when everyone feels that they’re on their own islands, fending for themselves. Avoid that by communicating with all members of the team regularly.  

Use technology to your advantage.  

It’s also important to facilitate regular communication between team members themselves. Luckily, modern technology makes that easy. Work messaging apps like Slack are far superior to email communication, and platforms like Skype allow team members to chat “face-to-face.” Use the technology at your disposal to make your remote team feel as though they’re all in this together — because they are. 

Create a virtual “watercooler.” 

The day-to-day chatter around the office is simply impossible to have when everyone’s working from home. But it’s essential for company culture. That’s why creating a virtual “watercooler” on your messaging software is such a good idea. Make space for coworkers to chat about non-work-related things — few things will boost camaraderie and a culture of positivity in such a short time.   

Keep up with company meetings. 

Don’t make the mistake of forgoing company meetings just because everyone isn’t in the office. Maintaining your normal all-hands meeting schedule is a good way to instill a sense of normalcy and routine in an otherwise abnormal time. Again, technology is your friend — whether you hold a company-wide conference call or a video call over Zoom, you can easily bring together your entire company, no matter where the individual members might be located.  

Check-in with your employees.  

As the boss, it’s up to you to keep an eye on your team members. Since you do not see them in person every day, take the time to ask how they’re doing with the transition to remote work and if there’s anything you could do to make things easier. This simple gesture really means something to your team members. 

Of course, having the right team members in place makes all the difference when it comes to great company culture. And we can help you find the very best. Get in touch with High Profile online or call 972-991-7900 to learn what our staffing service can do.