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Exit Interviews: Do You Know Why Your Employees are Leaving?

When your employees leave, whether of their own will or because they are terminated, it’s the perfect time to gather feedback on your company. After they walk out the door, they have no obligation to your organization anymore. You will get honest information that can only help your company grow and improve. Our team at High Profile put together this post to examine the importance of exit interviews.

So, how do you go about performing a successful exit interview? Most often, a human resources manager holds an in-person exit interview, but some organizations use written surveys or online questionnaires. Talking with the departing employee is best, as you have a better opportunity to understand their views on why they are leaving.

The questions you ask in the exit interview are just as important as how you ask them. It’s crucial to let the employee know that they will have no negative consequences as a result of the interview. Assure them that the interview is to improve the company and its operations. Remember, you want to get the most information possible from the exit interview.

To ensure you’re getting quality information, we’ve prepared some sample questions for you to ask:

  •  Why are you leaving the company? Were there issues or is it because of an external factor?
  • What did you like about working here/what did you find most satisfying?
  • What didn’t you like about working here/what was least satisfying?
  • What caused you to start job searching elsewhere?
  • If you had concerns, did you share them with anyone before ultimately deciding to leave? If so, what was the response?
  • What does your new company offer that encouraged you to accept a new position?
  • How was your relationship with your supervisor?
  • Did you receive enough support to perform your job? Why/why not?
  • What kind of performance feedback did you receive? Did it happen on a regular basis?
  • What would you recommend to help us create a better workplace?

The answers to these questions may not always be pleasant, but if you’re willing to learn from them, they will help your organization grow. For more successful exit interview strategies, contact us today!