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Is Your Small Business Struggling to Hire? Check Out the Four Common Mistakes You May Be Making

If you’re struggling to hire in the current post-pandemic market, you are not alone! In the recent article, Small Business, Big Mission: Hire Alarm, The Dallas Business Journal discusses the four common mistakes small businesses should avoid in the current market. In this market where candidates are in the driving seat, take a look at how your organization can avoid losing out on quality candidates.

#1: Don’t keep tapping the same resources for candidates

It’s time to broaden your horizons on your searching and sourcing efforts! Maybe you are using the same job boards or asking the same contacts for referrals, but getting creative when looking for quality candidates is critical. In this environment, it is vital to be proactive (and aggressive) in your hiring efforts and consider resources you wouldn’t have used in the past. Also, employers should consider broadening their pools of talent. For example, the article states that the current market could be a hiring boon for “individuals with disabilities – a demographic in which about 85% of individuals aren’t employed.”

#2: Move quickly

Candidates are receiving offers quicker than they can schedule interviews – it’s imperative to not “drag your feet” during the hiring process. In fact, candidates may be fielding multiple offers and do not have the time (or desire) to wait around for numerous interviews and week-long wait times. Organizations with robust hiring processes should consider streamlining their processes and implementing time constraints around these new processes. Not sure how to do this? First, go virtual – utilize the virtual options for interviewing (even if your company is working in the office). Second, be proactive, and be prepared to make offers quickly once a decision is made. “Time spent without an offer on the table is time a candidate could be receiving another offer.”

#3: Establish your flexibility

Where flexibility used to be seen as a perk, candidates are now viewing it as an expectation. The article states that an “estimated 80% to 90% of candidates are looking for a position that offers some flexibility.” It’s no secret that Covid-19 changed the expectations on remote work, and for companies that show no flexibility, this could drastically cut down the candidate pool. As a result, candidates are now willing to wait for positions that will provide the flexibility they are looking for.

#4: Sell yourself and your company

The tables have turned in the hiring game, and candidates hold more control than they did previously. In previous years, a company’s name might be enough to garner the attention of job seekers, but now it’s imperative that companies “do more to sell themselves to candidates than they have in the past.” Sure, compensation matters, but in the current market, it’s about more than just the dollar. Explain how a candidate can grow within your organization, programs and mentorships you can provide, and opportunities to work on projects that are important to candidates. Most importantly, explain how your company will impact their lifestyle. Show initiative and start onboarding as quickly as an offer is accepted – don’t stop wooing the candidate just because they’ve accepted your offer!

To read more on how small businesses can avoid these types of mistakes, check out the DBJ article here! If you are looking for your next great Administrative, Human Resources, or Accounting hire, we’re here to help! Contact us today!