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Fact Checking Your Resume: The Importance of Truth

Resumes are an important piece of paper for job seekers. They are one page of your work history and accomplishments, and also the reason employers pick up the phone to call you for an interview. It’s true, the information on that piece of paper needs to be persuasive in order for employers to call but, most importantly, it should be factual. There’s a fine line between truth and lies when it comes to resumes, and our recruiters at High Profile have designed this post on ‘fact-checking your resume: the importance of truth’, to help guide you.

Why should you be factual when it comes to your resume? First of all, not telling the truth could come back to haunt you. This could happen before you get the offer, or once you’ve accepted the position. Imagine being fired years after you’ve been in a position because you lied on your resume. Secondly, most employers do basic reference checks regarding employment history. If the information on your resume doesn’t match what the employer finds out, you can forget getting hired.

Here are some tips for being honest on your resume:

Quantify your results. Employers want to see what you’ve accomplished, and showing numbers is a great way to do so. Quantify results whenever possible.

Put your strongest attributes/skills/experience first. Employers and hiring managers go through hundreds (even thousands) of resumes, so make sure the key information you want to portray is listed at the top. Get your message across right away and get the employer to call.

Mention non-work related experience. Do you do volunteer work? Have you taken certification courses pertaining to your industry? List these items on your resume. Employers view these things as assets, particularly awards and recognitions you may have received in the past.

Remain professional. There is no need to put your hobbies, photographs, or anything too personal on the resume.

Just remember, the best thing you can do for yourself and your resume is to be honest. Don’t overstate your accomplishments or embellish your work experience; you don’t want this coming back to haunt you in the interview. For more tips on preparing an honest resume that will catch the eye of potential employers, contact one of our recruiters today.