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Five Tips For Hiring Accounting and Finance Personnel From Dallas Recruitment Agencies

Finding the perfect finance recruitment agencies to help your company locate the best finance personnel available can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor. With the job market in the finance industry slowly and steadily gaining momentum, along with the recovering economy, the competition for those jobs requires that you have a solid understanding of what you’re looking for in order to find the perfect match. As a result, hiring just any random Dallas staffing agency can make things more difficult if they are not able to meet your specific needs in a timely, efficient manner.

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Knowing your company’s needs and establishing criteria for what would be an ideal employee will go a long way toward finding that perfect match. Identifying those parameters before you venture out to search for that ideal match will save time and money in the long run.

Finding the best of the best


Competition is fierce in the finance industry. As a result, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by a pool of qualified candidates. Here are some tips to help minimize your stress when it comes to hiring excellent finance personnel for your company.

  1. Create a detailed job description that includes salary parameters. Do you need a bookkeeper or a financial advisor? Do you need someone with experience, as well as a college degree, or is this an entry-level position? What level of education and/or experience would the ideal candidate possess? What other qualifications are important? Describe in detail what the position entails, the requirements any applicant must meet, the preferred and negotiable aspects of the position, and state the minimum salary for the position. Having these things outlined should make for an easier hiring process.


  1. Recruit carefully. Based on the above information, consider the places where you will focus your recruiting efforts. Oftentimes, making use of finance recruitment agencies is the way to go, largely due to their expertise in matching job descriptions with ideal candidates. The fact that these agencies might already have a pool of candidates from which to choose is an added bonus.  Local colleges and technical schools are also options to consider when recruiting, particularly if the position is entry level. These graduates can bring a fresh, energetic perspective to the position and at a much more affordable rate than someone who has years of experience. Another advantage? You can mold them to your organization, which may mean a longer-lasting, more dedicated employee.


  1. Interview candidates that meet your qualifications. Once you have chosen your potential employees, take the time to interview them. Listen intently to how they answer questions and don’t be afraid to ask them to elaborate if there is something that catches your attention. Observe their energy level, their communication skills, body language and eye contact. Take notes on your observations. Be sure to explain the requirements of the position and what your company expects from the ideal employee. The candidates may have questions as well, so make sure you answer honestly and carefully. If they are a potential finalist, make sure you note it on their application and don’t hesitate to schedule a second interview.
  1. Check references and background. When you find who you believe is the ideal candidate, be sure to check their references and, if possible, run a background check. There are jobs when criminal and credit backgrounds may not matter, but when it comes to a finance position you don’t need to take chances. Be sure to look out for any problems with fraud or other money-related infractions. This is particularly important if this person will be dealing directly with bank accounts, charge accounts and money.
  2. Evaluate your needs vs. their skills. Now is the time to evaluate your needs versus what the candidate brings to the table. You may really like a particular candidate and believe he or she will be perfect for the position; however, there are some small, but important, details that have raised some red flags. You must decide what is best for the company. For example, let’s say the best candidate has very little background in finance, but has an excellent college track record and wonderful non-finance-related job references. Think about what is more important.

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