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Key Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring Finance and Accounting Pros

When you are hiring finance and accounting professionals to join your organization, it’s tempting to focus only on their hard skills–financial knowledge, credentials and experience.  While these skills are vital, many candidates who have the technical skills may lack the essential soft skills needed to fit with your team/culture.

To help you find candidates with talents that maximize the chances of success, some of the key soft skills to look for include:

  • Effective communication skills. Finance and accounting professionals often need to work with executives and managers across the company to provide up-to-date information on company performance and other money issues. Being able to put together an effective presentation and communicate in a clear and understandable way is key – especially when presenting information on complex money matters.
  • Attention to detail. When it comes to working with financial data for your business, even a small mistake could have big consequences. You need to ensure that any accounting or finance professional you hire is detail-oriented and will get complex projects 100 percent correct.
  • Good teamwork skills. Accounting and finance professionals do not work in a vacuum. They need to work with other departments in your company, as well as within their own department. Being able to work well with others is one of the key traits every team member should have, especially those whose jobs impact the entire organization.
  • Self-motivation. Often, financial and accounting professionals toil quietly in the background doing important work that helps your company be profitable. You want staff members who will exceed your expectations without someone needing to micromanage their every move.

High Profile can help you find candidates that have the soft skills you are looking for, so you can build a strong and successful finance or accounting team. Contact us today to find out how our staffing service can work with your company to hire great people with all the skills you need.  Give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online.