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Are These Risks Impacting Your Workforce?

When your employees are healthy and happy, productivity increases and turnover decreases. Because it’s so important to have satisfied staff members, good companies know they need to create a positive work environment, support their staff, and pay attention to the well-being of team members.

Unfortunately, there are some conditions in the workplace that can be detrimental to employees and cause long-term damage to organizations because of the impact on staff. Some of these conditions include:

  • Stress: Stress can cause serious mental and physical health issues for staff members, leading to more sick days, decreased motivation and higher turnover. Avoiding stress involves making sure workers have an appropriate amount of work to do and the training to do it. Managers also need to treat staff members with respect, foster an inclusive environment and promote civility in the workplace to help create a low-stress environment where staff members will thrive.
  • Exhaustion: Overworking staff members leads to burnout, which can result in big mistakes being made and can also lead talented workers to leave your organization. Staff members should be encouraged to work reasonable hours and take periodic vacations, so they don’t become overcome with exhaustion. It’s also important to make sure you are not understaffed or setting expectations of your team that are impossible for them to meet while still maintaining good work/life balance.
  • Bullying: Bullying isn’t just a problem people outgrow when they leave school. Adults can be bullies too and the psychological effects are damaging no matter how old the victims are. Bullying can also make the workplace uncomfortable for everyone, not just the person who is being picked on. Your company needs to have clear anti-bullying policies and every staff member and manager should speak out if bullying is occurring.

It’s imperative your workforce is staffed with professionals who build a positive company culture and don’t allow these unpleasant conditions to fester and poison the work environment. High Profile can help you find skilled staff members who become part of a talented team that will lead your organization to success. Give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.