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Four Things to Consider Before You Call it Quits

Quitting your job is a major life decision that can affect not only your income, but also your happiness. If you are thinking about giving notice, there are a few things you should consider before you call it quits. These include:

  • The length of time you have been at the job. Job-hopping is frowned upon by employers and can make it more difficult for you to find work. If you have not been at your current position for at least two years, it may be too early to quit without hurting your prospects – especially if you have already quit jobs quickly in the past. Unless you absolutely can’t stay put, try to stick it out to hit the two-year mark.
  • Whether or not you have enough experience to find a better position. While you may be eager to move up the career ladder, it’s imperative you put in the time on the lower end of the totem pole to build a strong foundation in order to advance in your profession. Don’t quit your current job until you are confident you have the knowledge, skills and credentials to advance.
  • The possibility of some responsibilities being shifted.  If you are thinking about quitting your job because you are overwhelmed with the work you are doing, consider exploring other solutions first. If you truly have too much to do, talking with your boss about shifting some of your responsibilities could be a better approach than just quitting – especially if you are a valued employee and you like most of what you do.
  • If you’ve explored opportunities to advance in your current position. Moving up internally can sometimes be easier than striking out in a whole new career. So, if your goal is career advancement, consider whether you have to leave to achieve that objective or if it is possible you might be able to move up within your existing organization.

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