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Three Steps to Take After Accepting a Job Offer

You did it! You finally landed the job of your dreams and can put those months of tedious job searching behind you. The hiring manager is on the phone now offering you the position with welcoming words and a voice filled with enthusiasm. While most job seekers might feel inclined to yell “Yes!” into the phone over and over, it may be in your best interest to take the time to really digest what this offer means for your future.

First, before accepting, ask the hiring manager or immediate supervisor if you can view the offer in writing. Politely and respectfully tell them you’re excited for the opportunity, and just need 24 hours to review the offer and have one final discussion with your family. Once you get that offer in writing, take the time to comb through it; make sure the salary, benefits, job title and responsibilities match what was discussed in the interview. Once you’ve clarified any remaining details, it’s time to make the leap and accept the offer. Before you start your first day, however, you should take these three steps to wrap up your job search.

Your master plan

How does this job fit into the grand scheme of your career? Is this your dream job or a stepping stone? Are you taking an unexpected detour here because you really need employment or is this company one you see yourself growing with? It’s important to know right away how this job fits into your career vision. That way you know if this choice puts you on the right path.

Contact your connections

While you wouldn’t have received the job offer without the right personality and qualifications, the support of your professional network also played a part. Call or email your references to thank them for their help in your search. Let them know that their support paid off; you’ve accepted a permanent position. If you used a recruiter or staffing firm in your search, be sure to call them and make sure they take you off their job seeker list.

Onboarding and orientation

When it’s time to show up for orientation, to sign a contract or fill out new hire paperwork, be sure to dress professionally and bring all necessary materials. Most companies will require proof of eligibility to work in the United States and, as such, will require some form(s) of government-issued ID.  Some places may also ask for college transcripts or training certificates. If you are interested in direct deposit, you will need your banking information, including a voided check. When in doubt, ask the HR department for clarification.

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