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What Do Contract Employees Value in Their Jobs?

Hiring contract workers can help your company to fill staffing needs in an affordable and effective way. You can respond to busy times by quickly increasing staff, try out candidates before bringing on full-time hires or fill staffing needs for new departments without committing to bringing a full-time worker on board.

However, for your contract employees to be successful at your organization, you need to attract skilled staff members. That means knowing what contract workers look for and making your job attractive to them. Some of the key things most contract workers value in their jobs include:

  • The opportunity to develop new skills. Many people turn to contract work to flesh out their resumes, renew their skills after leaving the workforce for a while or simply do interesting work because they get bored at a traditional job. In all these situations, contract workers typically want a job that allows them to improve their skills and develop new talents. If you can offer the opportunity to grow while on the job, you’ll be flooded with applications from great contract employees who are committed to giving the job their all.
  • The opportunity to have their work appreciated. While contract workers aren’t necessarily going to stay at a company over the long haul, that doesn’t mean they are not vested in the company’s success. When they do something to contribute to that success, they want to have their efforts recognized, just as any other employee would. You need to make sure you give contract employees the recognition they deserve. And, if you have full-time positions open, you may want to consider asking some of your most talented contract workers to transition to full time. Contract workers who took the job to get their foot in the door will greatly appreciate the opportunity – and you’ll get to bring a trusted person on board who is already familiar with your organization, so it’s a win-win.
  • The opportunity to feel like a member of the team. Contract workers don’t like to feel left out in the cold just because they aren’t full time. If you have special events or team meetings, try to include contract workers when possible so they aren’t singled out and made to feel alone on the job.

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